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Weighing Day 2019

Annual Keelboat Weighing Day – AMS, SMS and IRC


Please be advised that the annual weighing day for measurement rating certificates will be held on Sunday September 15 th at Sandringham Yacht Club.

We have been weighing boats since 1998 and through the fantastic support of Hydralift Cranes and Sandringham Yacht Club, we have been able to provide to Victorian Owners, the best and most cost effective weighing service in Australia.

With the support of our Volunteers, Owners and the Keelboat Clubs we are able to organise the day in a very efficient manner and we plan the event on the basis of weighing six boats each hour - one every 10 minutes. This reduces the costs to Owners to a fraction of the cost incurred in other States.

The cost of the weighing per boat will be advised by email after registration closes, as it depends on the number of boats involved. We expect that it will still be less than $200.

We weigh all boats in “empty” configuration and this means that the IRC weight is provided as well. The AMS weight is the empty weight plus the weight of the AMS permitted gear, which is weighed in a basket on the club crane.

Please call or email us if there are any queries.

Thank you for your support.

 Boat Weighing Day