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Welcome to AMS & SMS

When the Australian Measurement System (AMS) was created in 1997, most racing keelboats were being designed to the IMS rule, which was rapidly declining throughout the world and particularly in Australia.

Over the years the fleet changed dramatically and most designs are now optimised to a single figure, time on time correction rating system. Designers have experimented with new designs and have found ways to optimise the designs to fit these systems. This has placed older or less optimised designs at a disadvantage.

The Australian Measurement System was updated in 2012 with the launch of AMS2 and this has been very successful in updating the mathematics to accommodate modern designs. With new technology and innovative designs, it is impossible to remove all of the inequities on a permanent basis, so the system will now be updated on a 4 year cycle in line with the issue of each new Racing Rules of Sailing.

The Sportsboat Measurement System (SMS) was introduced in 2008 and during the years has grown substantially. It is now being adopted in a number of other countries and includes many different classes that fit the definitions of a sportsboat. In the same way that AMS2 was updated, SMS has been updated during 2012.

SMS has expanded internationally and operates in a number of countries. The AMS will also be launched to international markets under the brand of Keelboat Measurement System International (KMSi).







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